I... Am Batman!

Got back my maquette from Animation, so I figured I'd post it on here. 12/12, so pretty happy with it.


5th and Paseview

Sculpture for art history in the style of greek hellenistic sculpture. High drama, deep cuts, accurate proportion. Cheers. 


My beard hurts.

Newest thing for Content and Expression. Personal objects with drapery. Done in ink. Cheers. 


Coffee in hand

Picture taking has become sort of a daily thing it seems since I've gotten my new camera, so I took another quick pic of something I did last semester as my final project for Pictorial Perspective.
Pictorial Perspective [final project] > Drawing from multiple references (ink)


Playing with a full set

Chess board in perspective (-ish) for Linear Perspective class. Not the best drawings I've ever done, but at 1:30am, it's good enough for me.

Chess pieces on tracing paper, board on bristol.


Quarter to Midnight

Just happened to snag a shot of my bull skull (done in ink) that I put in my first post, so I decided to "re-submit" it we'll say. Voila. Little image correction for color (didn't have natural light at 11:45pm. shucks.)
Observational Process [final project] >
Skull still-life expression (ink)