Next step

So I added a little fleshing out to my sidestep animation, and added a little recovery to the end of the action. Still some fixing and playing around - but that's learning. 



End like a boss

Sidestep Pencil Test? Sure. Here yah go. I need to add a recovery at the end, but that'll come with the final version. 


Sick days, sick days.

So I'm off sick this morning, so I took some time laying in bed and added a little colour to a caricature sketch of my friend Maher. Came out well. Cheers.



So... This is pretty self explanatory I imagine. But for those that want the explanation - Our monthly/weekly/whatever corkboard project is to "Powerpuff" ourselves. It's no Pokemon, but voila! Craig McCracken, you sure got some crazy character design.


Havin a little fun

This is what happens when you just get the random idea to take a pose idea from one MegaMan picture, and the suit from MegaMan Legends and then decide to make him a lizard... Enjoy.


Lost Time

So I figure it would probably be a good idea to post the last thing I did for character design class before the new semester starts. Chock it up to lost time and too much fun during Christmas break. 

Here's the construction and also finished version of a new character that came together in brilliant ways

Cheers, and Happy New Years.